Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Calm Sunday Evening

(sorry I don't have any pictures we didn't bring any cameras)
Elaborated version of our evening.
We embarked on our voyage at 15:30 hours Sunday down the Flathead River with the Vestals, in our canoes. Nearly being drowned by Navy ships, and huge yachts, we cunningly avoided all the wakes by our expert knowledge of canoeing while starting out in the river. Having the men in one boat, and the women in the other, meant that, of coarse, we were far ahead. Around the remains of the bridge Hannah suddenly shouts "Look! My paddle just fell into the water and is sinking fast!", Having the fast reflexes I do, I dove into the ridged water to save the quickly sinking paddle! Swimming fast down into the deep, cold water I snatched it and brought it to the surface were there were great shouts off joy and they quickly helped me back into the canoe with many thanks and a warm towel.
After long, exhausting, hours of canoeing in rough water, we found this strange uncharted island in the middle of the river! While resting there to gain back our strength, the wind suddenly picked up, and we had to quickly scramble to the canoes before the island became overcome by the rising tides! Escaping that island we soon came to another, where we dragged the canoe over a vast field of rocks. When suddenly my mom fell into a deep pit filled with water! Grabbing ropes we saved her just in time, and were soon back on are way.
"The wind is picking up, and it looks like their might be a storm coming!" Shouts Mrs. Vestal, almost undecipherable over the strong winds, "We should head inland ". All agreeing we see a large forested island were it seemed would be a great place to take shelter and rest our aching arms. But on the way a rough 30 foot wave almost overcame us, but again our expert canoe skills saved us and we made it safely to shore. Staying a while we left, but were not far out when suddenly the men's canoe flipped over and sent them all flailing in the water! Thankfully all was well, and we soon we abroad again.
This is where it got fun. When we got to the bridge they had a rope swing hanging off a dangerously rugged bridge into the water, while boats were passing at incredible rates! Swinging over the boats into the water and swimming back under them was SO FUN!!! But too soon it was time to head home. And we all came home better people. We heroically went home.
The End
Truthful version of our canoe trip.
At about 3:30 we set off up the Flathead River, the men in one canoe, and the women in the other. There were a lot of boaters that weren't too considerate of the wake zone which was kinda annoying, but we survived. Hannah's paddle came apart in the middle and was slowly sinking so stupidly I jumped into the water to save it, nearly tipping over the canoe. They wouldn't let me get back in the canoe and made me swim in the cold water to the old bridge.
We came to this really neat submerged island where we played for a while, getting back in the canoe my mom slipped, but all was well.
The wind was making little waves and we almost tipped over a few times but didn't. Leaving a island though the men did tip over (we laughed) and then we helped then get the water out off the canoe, and find Christians missing goggles.
About 7:30 we came to the bridge and found a rope swing. Besides waiting for a few boats to pass we had a great time swinging into the water. Soon we had to leave so we sadly left the rope swing.
The Truthful End


Ruth Baer said...

I love the elaborated version of your trip! :) Thanks for making me laugh. :)

Bootlace said...

Thanks, it was so fun to write it!

JillianC said...

Sounds like you had quite the "Calm" Day! :-)

Bootlace said...

It was just a normal sunday afternoon!

His Handmaiden said...

"normal" Sunday afternoons are always the weirdest ones.:-)